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3 Reasons Why Pizza is the Best

Pizza is a go-to comfort meal for college students everywhere, aside from instant ramen. This cheesy delight can be the plainest or most extravagant food you’ll ever eat. Millions of people around the world, to this day, are still crazy about this delectable dish, and there’s no end in sight.

Many places have been known for their delicious pizza pies, like Italy and New York. But it comes as no surprise that delicious, award-winning pizza in Las Vegas exists. It’s a great party dish when you’re out having fun. There are many places where you can eat pizza in Las Vegas. Two of them are locations of yours truly – Joe’s NY Pizza.

The feeling of ‘having pizza near me’ can be comforting to many; knowing we can survive even without knowing how to cook. However, what makes it such a wonderful dish? Here are three great reasons why pizza is the best!

1. pizza comes in hundreds of flavors.

Pizza is so universally liked that everyone has their very own take on it. You can eat it plain with only cheese and marinara sauce on the pie. You can eat it with all the common toppings like pepperoni, mushroom, ham, sausage bits, bacon and pineapple. Or, you can make it extra special and more mouthwateringly luxurious by adding caviar, edible gold and much more. It doesn’t need to be tomato-based if you want it to be even more unique!

Pizza just works with whatever toppings you can think of, and the versatility of this dish makes it timeless. Plus, with all the different flavors you can experiment with and eat, it’s hard to get tired of pizza. Pizza in Las Vegas can offer you a wide array of flavors since there are no rules when it comes to the creation of pizza. Discover new ways to eat your favorite comfort food by eating some yummy Pizza: Las Vegas style.

2. It’s food for any occasion.

Pizza can be eaten anywhere, anytime! You can serve it at home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (even snacks in between!) and your family wouldn’t complain. Well, unless you do it every single day that is. You can bring pizza to any party. Birthday parties, family reunions, friendly get-togethers, holiday celebrations; try bringing a pizza to a potluck.

For more extravagant occasions like weddings and special anniversaries, pizza will be a popular dish to give out. Plus, it also works for all audiences, from children in school to corporate big shots in the office, and even the lovely senior citizens in a home! Pizza, Las Vegas ones or anywhere else in the world, is so well-loved that it’s hard to ever go wrong with it.

3. It’s fast and convenient.

For hungry people, this is an extremely important factor. Pizza is highly convenient since you can opt to have it delivered at home or even eat it on the go! This is perfect for all of us busybodies that have no time to stop. It’s also very easy and quick to do so you can whip up a pizza pie if you’re starving. Better yet, you can just take out your phone and search ‘pizza near me.’ You’ll be amazed at how many places you’d find in your results!

Pizza in Las Vegas is as delicious as any pizza in the world, except that you’re eating it in a great city with equally awesome people. After reading all these, the only thing left to do is to buy a pizza of your own!