A group of people sitting at a table sharing pizza and drinks together.

Why Pizza is the Best Compromise For Meat Eaters and Non-Meat Eaters

Some have called pizza the perfect food. Now you may also start to think of it as the perfect peaceful resolution to the fight over what to eat. If you dine with both carnivores and vegetarians, you know exactly how the argument will go when you bring up the topic of lunch or dinner. You have probably heard it so many times that you can pretty much recite it mimicking the opinion of both sides.

When you need to compromise, pizza is one of the best solutions for several reasons.

You Have Many Options

Pizzas can have virtually anything on them. That means you can cover them in meat or pack them full of vegetables, so that both vegetarians and meat eaters can find solution that meets their dietary preferences.

For meat-lovers, there is a wide range of options. From sausage to bacon to pepperoni, the types of meats make it so that you can get more than half a dozen pizzas without repeating the same mix of meats.

The same can be said of a vegetarian pizza. Over the last two decades things such as pineapple, artichoke hearts, and bell peppers have been added as toppings. These are in addition to the more traditional toppings of things like black olives and mushrooms. It is enough to make any vegetarian content with their choices.

You Don’t Have to Buy More Than One Pizza

If you are splitting a pizza with someone who has significantly different dietary needs and you don’t want to buy two different pizzas – you can get one large pizza. It is incredibly easy to bake one half for vegetarians and the other half for meat eaters. Pizzas are prefect for dividing and sharing without having to spend more or have too much left over.

There Is More Than Just the Toppings

Pizzas are so much more than just what you put on them. This makes them very filling. You can add things in the crust which make the pizza that much more enjoyable, and those additions can work for both the meat eater and the vegetarian. Cheese is probably the most common addition to the crust, and it something that both types of diets can thoroughly enjoy. This means you can enhance your pizza without having to settle another dispute.

You Can Go with the Classic Cheese for an Easy Win

If you can’t decide how to split up the pizza, or if you aren’t in the mood for a discussion, the most basic pizza can satisfy everyone. Just because you enjoy eating meat on your pizza does not mean that you always want it. A great cheese pizza can be an easy solution your most complicated lunch and dinner dramas.


They say that you can’t make everyone happy all of the time, and if you have ever been in the room when vegetarians and carnivores are trying to decide what to eat, you have seen just how that can be painfully true. Pizza is a simple yet satisfying solution that can give everyone what they want without a long drawn out debate.