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What Makes a Pizza, A New York Pizza

New York pizza is known for its mouth-watering cheese and slightly burnt crusts. Full pizzas in the Big Apple are also known as “pies”, and can include a range of toppings and seasonings. This includes pepperoni, along with bell peppers, onions, sausage, and so much more. Parmesan cheese and black pepper are also favorites among many NY pizza enthusiasts and aficionados. From Brooklyn to Manhattan, New York pizza became a permanent staple with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the 19th century. Along with lasagna, spaghetti, and other Italian and Sicilian favorites – pizza was introduced as a flatbread specialty made from water, flour, dough, cheese, and tomato puree or sauce.

Why Are New York Pizzas So Unique?

New York Pizza is made from sweet water that can only be found in New York. In fact, the city is based on bedrock, which is known for its unique and great tasting water. Believe it or not, water plays a major role in how pizza pies, calzones, and other Italian treats taste. This is why so many people – who have pizzas outside of NY –understand that the Big Apple is the only place to get authentic New York style pizza. However, Las Vegas is also home to several NY style pizzerias and have managed to truly capture the authenticity and taste of Big Apple pies. New York pizza is also originally based on the way chefs prepare it in restaurants and eateries across the city. Preparation usually includes:

  • Beating or kneading the dough into a round or oval shape. Flipping the dough up and down also helps add depth and texture.
  • The tomato sauce is then added on, along with cheese (cheddar, parmesan, and/or other popular Italian-style cheeses).
  • An original NY pizza only consists of cheese; however, there are several toppings that can be added as well. These include bell peppers, red peppers, sausage, hamburger, onion, or only veggie selections if desired.
  • The NY Pizza is then put into a large utility oven – usually at a temperature range of 350 to 450 degrees. Chefs also select “toast” options to help secure fine and crunchy crusts, along with slightly toasted yet soft and mouth-watering slices.

Large Slices Make a New York Pizza

Large slices are also synonymous with New York style pizzas. In fact, there should be no more than 8 slices for a regular large pie. For medium pies, 6 large slices are usually included with each order. Pizza lovers can also order by the slice, which is very popular across New York City and Long Island. Slices usually taste best with ice cold beverages – especially Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Again, many Native New Yorkers –even in Las Vegas – love to add seasonings to their slices. This includes garlic and crushed red pepper, along with parmesan cheese and other special toppings. This helps accentuate the taste of the pizza, while truly making anyone’s taste buds dazzle.

As the epicenter of entertainment and gambling, Las Vegas is home to several NY-style pizzerias and restaurants. However, many venues have added their own unique touches to New York pizza slices and pies. This includes whole pies made in brick-based ovens, which are easier to control and offer great tasting pizzas each and every time. NY pizzas have also been fused with so many different styles and taste over the years as well. This includes Original NY pizza, along with Southwestern Styles – which includes grilled chicken and spicy sauce on pies. There is also Greek style pizzas, Mexican pizzas, and so much more. From authentic NY pizzas to fusion styles, you can find a range of options and choices at most Las Vegas restaurants and eateries.