What is the Best Way to Eat a Pizza?

There are many different ways to eat a slice of pizza, and depending on the style of pizza it can dictate which methods of eating would be the best. Some people choose to fold their pizza, others choose to eat it with a fork and a knife. There’s really no right or wrong way to eat your pizza as long as it makes you happy and it tastes delicious. Here are some of the most common pizza eating methods.

The Fold

Folding your pizza in half is a common method among fans of New York style pizza because the slices are bigger and thinner, which gives perfectly to folding. Once folded in half you turn the pizza sideways and eat it like that. It makes somewhat of a “pizza sandwich” with the crust on the outsides and the cheese and sauce on the inside. This is the perfect way to eat your pizza on the go while walking down the street or in your car.

Fork and Knife

Using a fork and knife to eat your pizza is a good method if you don’t want to get your hands dirty or are worried about spilling on yourself. It’s also great for when you’re having a very saucy and cheesy Chicago style pizza because you won’t want to pick up the burning hot deep dish with your hands.

The Double Stack

For those who are super hungry, the double stack provides twice the amount of pizza in the same time it usually takes to eat one. This works well with styles of pizza that come from chain pizza places. To perform the double stack, you place one slice of pizza on top of another, and then eat them together.

The Flip Style

To eat pizza “flipped” you simply just reverse it and eat the crust first. This method is good for those that prefer to have their last bite of pizza as the cheese and sauce, rather than the crust.

The Roll Up

For the thinnest slices of pizza out there, the roll up method of eating works well. You take the thin pizza, and you roll it from the bottom to the crust and then eat it as a roll, similar to a burrito. This is another great method for people who are on the go.

Overall, it doesn’t matter how you eat your pizza. Whatever your preferred method, dig in and enjoy!