Award Winning White Truffle Mushroom Pizza

The Award Winning White Truffle Mushroom Pizza

Joe’s New York Pizza is one of the few pizzerias to be a 3x International Award Winning Pizzeria. Our award winning White Truffle Mushroom Pizza is made with white truffle, mushrooms, bacon, sundried tomato & fresh basil.

What Are White Truffle Mushrooms?

White Truffles are mushrooms that are difficult to grow and find. Truffles are normally unearthed by dogs and other animals with a good sense of smell. Some White Truffles have fetched upwards of $100,000 per pound!

White Truffles are described as a flavorful, earthy, and delicious mushrooms. They have a distinctive taste that has become well known by foodies around the world. Truffles are often considered luxurious and pair nicely with heavier foods such as cheese and bacon. They are typically used in Italian cooking where they are shaved over pizza, pasta, and other traditional dishes. Recently, there has been a “truffle trend” making the flavor more widespread in foods such as Truffle Fries which use truffle oil, a blend of olive oil and truffle extract. However, we still feel the best way to enjoy truffles is on a pizza.

Grandee Pepperoni 2015 Award winner pizza

What Makes Our Pizza Special

We only use the finest of ingredients in our food because we know you want a top quality traditional pizza. We think about the way ingredients will pair together in all of our pizzas. In our award winning White Truffle Mushroom pizza we know the truffles will pair beautifully with the rich bacon, mushrooms, and cheese, contrasting with the fresh basil and tangy sundried tomatoes. Every bite is an explosion of flavor that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

What Is New York Style?

New York Style pizza has a thinner hand tossed crust that is soft on the inside but crispy along the edges. The pizza itself and the slices are large, perfect for folding in half to eat! When it comes to pizza, we think bigger is better. Dig into a slice of New York pie.

International Pizza Expo

The International Pizza Expo is one of the largest pizza tradeshows in the world where our White Truffle Mushroom won several awards! The event is not open to the general public and attendees include pizzerias, pizza-concept restaurant owners, operators, managers, distributors, and more. At the expo attendees have the opportunity to network, attend seminars, and learn more about the pizza industry and its current trends.

The International Pizza Challenge™

Since 2007, pizza makers from around the world compete for cash prizes and the ability to claim their pie as the best in its class. Over the last 10 years, the competition has grown and evolved to become the best pizza-making competition in North America.

There are now five divisions in the competition and more cash prizes for winners.

How The Competition Works

Contests bake a pie from their pizza menu on the spot at the Pizza Expo and present it to a panel of judges. The five divisions include:

  1. Best Traditional Pizza
  2. Best Non-Traditional Pizza
  3. Best Pan Pizza
  4. Best Napoletana Pizza
  5. Best Gluten Free Pizza

The top pizza’s in each category face-off against each other for Pizza of the Year. Pizza’s are scored on the crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, overall taste, and creativity.

We have faith that the White Truffle Mushroom Pizza will continue to win awards because it’s just that good. Don’t believe us? Come on into one of our Las Vegas locations and try a slice!