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“Fantastic New York style pizza! That's pretty much says it all. We went back a second time and my wife went a third. That's how good it is. Try it yourself when in Vegas and see if it doesn't make you feel like you are in New York eating the real thing!”


“Being from NY we had to test the authenticity of a place in Vegas that announces it has the best NY style pizza. Needless to say while it had it's own Vegas touch to the pizza, it got a lot closer than most places and was delicious for when you wanna spend a night at the hotel relaxing!”


“I called to make a pick up order. The person on the other end was great on taking the order. I ordered 3 large specialty pizzas and two salads. I arrived and the order was just about ready and the staff was very helpful to ensure I had salad dressings (4) that I ordered, asked if I needed plates, cheese, peppers. I got back to the office and every one was impressed with the size, quality but mostly the delicious taste! My favorite is the white pizza topped with freshly thin slice tomatoes! Now I know when I want a slice I can whip in on my way home to take-out. Yumm! “


“I've been to many pizza places, but Joe's, by far, is my favorite. There are so many varieties of slices, it seems like they always have a new one, I haven't tried before. The staff is very friendly, the place has a simple yet inviting ambiance. Every time I go to Hard Rock Hotel on Paradise, I'm sure to stop by for a quick bite.”


“Located in a little strip mall by the Hard Rock, Joe's serves up some big thin slices of greasy meaty flavor! There's a big selection out if you're ordering by the slice. Get them heated up, though, if you order by the slice!

Now, they offer lots of the NY-style thin crust flat and wide slices, but I cannot get enough of their stuffed slices, weighing in at about a pound a slice, stuffed with sausage and pepperoni and goodness between two thin crusts, topped with more and sauce and cheese. These are a handful and def a bellyful! About the fattiest slice around and tasty as anything, these make a great takeaway to bring on the flight, too! Yum-o.”