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How to Throw a Proper Pizza Party

You make a mean pizza and feel that it is time for your friends and family to enjoy your special culinary skill; why not throw a pizza party? They are becoming more and more common as people seek ways of making get-togethers more interesting. Throwing a pizza party is different from throwing a regular party – for one, you cannot cook before the party; pizza is served immediately it is cooked so you will be at your oven the whole time your guests are eating. To help you throw pizza parties that your loved ones will remember here are some tips:

Prepare Your Own Pizza Dough

It is important to be well prepared. The biggest task is making your own dough – you have the option to buy but if you make your own you can add any special ingredients you feel will enhance your pizza. You get the best pizza dough by preparing your dough 2-3 days before you cook it. As for toppings, you should prepare them the night before and leave in the fridge so that all you are doing on the day of the party is putting them on the dough and popping everything in your pizza oven.

Get The Right Ingredients

The last thing you want is to run out of ingredients on the day of the party. Make an estimate of how much of everything you will need. You can do a practice run with 2 or 3 pizzas a few days before the party and then multiply whatever ingredients you use with the number of pizzas you expect to make on the day of. Your pizza will taste a lot better if you use fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market so make time to shop there. Look out for home made cheeses while you are at it.

As we mentioned earlier, pizza needs to be served immediately it comes out of the oven so you need to make sure that your guests are seated near the oven.

Options For All Guests

Every party will have its share of picky guests so make sure that you have half and half pizzas so that they can choose whatever they like.

While it is true that you want to make delicious pizzas for your guests, you should be careful about picking too many ingredients – they complicate the cooking process and your guests may have to wait longer.

Don’t Stress

If this sounds overly exhausting to you, we don’t blame you.

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