Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend

Tired of your everyday corporate routine? You need to get some time off. Well, here’s a good thing: Memorial Day is here! More than commemorating the brave soldiers that fought for the country and its people, this holiday also gives hardworking heroes like you the chance to rest and enjoy the relaxation you deserve.

Sure, a simple break at home will be enough to recuperate your stamina in time for workday; but the same dull feeling of living things out repetitively will remain, and it could even be the one to drain you almost instantly when working. So, make this a weekend to remember and treat yourself to fun and relaxing days off of things that will surely wash out the negative energy in you.

Kickstart your list of fun things to do in Vegas! Las Vegas is just the city to let loose and experience new things. If you haven’t got the slightest on the best Las Vegas attraction for your holiday, then you’ve got to look up ‘fun things to do in Las Vegas’ now! Hope you’re all hyped up for this year’s Memorial Day Weekend; because here’s a list of Fun things to do in Las Vegas over the weekend:


Ride the High Roller

Talk about taking things up to the next level; here’s a Las Vegas attraction that would surely leave you memories to remember! If you’re looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas, then try out the world’s tallest observation wheel—The Las Vegas Observation Wheel, most commonly known as the High Roller.

This Las Vegas attraction is located at the heart of the Vegas strip; and is at least 6 minutes away from the airport with a cab. The observation wheel towers at the height of 550 ft, which oversees a whole 360-degree view of the strip. An entire revolution on the High Roller lasts about 30 minutes, which makes the trip quite worthwhile, whether you would want to relax and enjoy the view alone or with your friends. Imagine the breathtaking view from up there! This Las Vegas attraction also offers an open bar cabin so you can gather around with your friends and party on new heights—literally!

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Visit the Hoover Dam

If you want a relaxing trip with your family, then this family-friendly Las Vegas attraction is for you. Spend the weekend at the famous Hoover Dam; a concrete arch-gravity dam built during the Great Depression era. But this attraction doesn’t only showcase a fragment of the state’s history; as it also boasts a mountain and lake view to die for!

The Hoover Dam is located around 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas; and it would take you around a 30-minute trip, traveling from the US Highway 93, Nevada State Route 172, all the way to Boulder City, where the route will be pretty straightforward then because of the signs. This human-made ingenuity lies between the border of Nevada and the Arizona states; so, it also offers a scenic view from overlooking a piece of the two states on each side adjacent to the border, and a picturesque one too; the perfect material for your social media feed. Enjoy a breathtaking view with your family in the weekend in this Las Vegas attraction!

Not only is this Las Vegas Attraction exceptional because of its splendid mix of nature and human-made marvel, but also because it’s actually free! Although, there are also cafes and gift shops you can look into while you enjoy your time in the place.

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Explore the Neon Museum

This Las Vegas attraction is one to lighten up your weekend. Tour the Neon Museum alone or with your friends and enjoy its timeless collection of old signs from casinos and business establishments. This Las Vegas attraction spells extra in making your visit fun especially at night, where the light blares around; making it yet another potential material for your social media feed, as long as it’s taken solely for personal uses too.

If you’re also one to enjoy art and appreciate the diverse culture of the states, then this Las Vegas attraction is especially for you. You can even book events on the place later on if you enjoyed your visit on the coming weekend.

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Go Indoor Skydiving

What a way to spend your weekend in this next Las Vegas attraction. Go check lots of items on your list of firsts in the only indoor skydiving facility in Vegas! May it be conquering your fears or living out your wildest dreams, the Vegas Indoor Skydiving is one to leave you with an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

The indoor skydiving operates on a wind speed of 120 mph, which propels you up a flight without the hassle of planes and parachutes. Talk about a pure feeling of flying—this venture might be your ticket to Neverland!

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The Sin City Smash Experience

This Las Vegas attraction will bring fun to the next level. Smash your way to a fun and relaxing weekend with Vegas’ very own Sin City Smash. If the workplace has been giving a lot more stress than what you can handle, this place is the best one for you.

Aside from being a fun venture for you and your friends for the weekend, this Las Vegas attraction can also serve as your therapy to relieve pent-up stress and anger. It may be your way to better anger-management. What better way to loosen up and to liberate yourself from negativity than to smash them all away—in a themed rage room!

Sin City Smash offers rage rooms that are best suited for you and your friends. You can also book up a party at the place if that’s what you plan on for the weekends! Loosen up with your friends and let your pent-up stress fly with a smash on those poker chips or at that door barge! Anger-management has never been this fun and exciting!

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Experience the Shark Reef Aquarium

Here’s another family-friendly Las Vegas attraction to look forward to in the coming weekend. Experience what it’s like to be traveling along the ocean with a diverse collection of marine life in one place! The Shark Reef Aquarium is home to 2000 different animals and over a 100 species; and of course, what’s the Shark Reef Aquarium without the sharks! The place also features 15 species of shark to especially look forward to on your trip.

This Las Vegas attraction boasts an almost 360-degree view of the vast blue waters of marine life in their aquarium, which only proves that the Shark Reef Aquarium isn’t just an exhibit to sight-see in, but an exciting experience to live out with your family and friends!

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Explore the Springs Preserve

Speaking of a relaxing weekend, this next Las Vegas attraction will give you just the fresh environment to breathe and relax in after rough encounters with certain people or at work. Explore the Springs Preserve and enjoy different fun activities all in one place.

Go on a hike with your friends, or bike around the trails as you bask in the comfort of nature around you. You can also book up classes and enter a botanical paradise that is sure to keep you calm and relaxed along the tour. You can go and enjoy this Las Vegas attraction with your friends on a yearly membership too for cheaper deals! This 180-acres of natural wonders will surely leave you coming back for more. For more fun things to do in Las Vegas to add to your list for Memorial Weekend, make sure to check out ‘fun things to do in Vegas’ online.


Splash around at Cowabunga Bay

Just as it says, splash around the waters at the Cowabunga Bay this Memorial Weekend for indeed a splashing adventure to remember! Beat the heat and refresh with your friends at this Las Vegas attraction, and feel the negativities wash away from you as you splash and bash at the different water slides offered in the place.

This Las Vegas attraction is also family-friendly, and if you’re definitely a family guy, then this would surely bring your kids’ smiles up and give them a thrilling weekend to remember by! You can also book VIP cabanas if you’re planning to throw the party of your life on the coming weekends. Make sure to get your seasonal passes early on for a great deal!

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Scream out at the Adventuredome

This Las Vegas attraction puts the T in the word thrill. Theme parks, theme parks, theme parks! Yes, let your heart chant to its content and go on a tummy-turning adventure of a weekend at the Adventuredome.

Adventuredome is an indoor amusement park located at the Circus Circus Las Vegas; a hotel, casino and RV park in the Las Vegas Strip. This Las Vegas attraction is home to around 19 rides and features 8 different attractions to entertain yourself with during the Memorial Weekend.

Who said theme parks are only for kids? Nobody is too old for this Las Vegas attraction, as the place can also serve as the perfect test of courage for you and your friends! Friends, family, or even on a solo weekend trip, the Adventuredome has got you covered. There will never be a dull moment in this wonder of a theme park!

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Soar on a Flyboard/Jetpack at Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

More basking and splashing on the waters on this Las Vegas attraction, but taken on a higher level. Ride the Flyboard or Jetpack of your dreams at the Lake Las Vegas Water Sports! Take a shot at learning the ultimate water sport, as certified trainers guide you.

You don’t have to be naturally good at sports upon trying this one out. Just head down on this Las Vegas attraction and have a good solo 15 to 25-minute flight on a Jetpack or a Flyboard while enjoying the view above the waters of Lake Las Vegas, too. Memorial Weekend is coming, so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun things to do in Las Vegas during the days. Look up ‘fun things to do in Vegas’ now for the best Las Vegas attraction for your memorable weekend-experience.