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America’s Favorite Foods

The American diet baffles many other countries. We’re known for our large portions, fast food chains, and big flavors. Each region of the United States of America has its own unique cuisine and bold tastes can be found nationwide. America is a smorgasbord of different ethnic foods and even some of our own creations like buffalo wings and potato chips. Everyone has a favorite food, but nationwide these are some of the top choices.


It’s no surprise that steak tops the list of American’s favorite foods. We’re a beef loving country and the top producer of this meat. It doesn’t get much more American than good old steak and potatoes.


We really do love our protein here in the United States, chicken is also a favorite among the American palette. Chicken dishes can be found almost anywhere and there are many chains dedicated to serving solely chicken based meals. We eat so much of it in versatile ways that no wonder we say everything “tastes like chicken”.


Even though we think of pizza as an Italian dish, its popularity in America is endless. There are numerous ways to eat this favorite dish and a variety of toppings to make each pizza a custom masterpiece. Pizza is ranked as America’s favorite comfort food with 15% listing it as their go to food to eat during rough times, this is more than double any other food. You really can’t go wrong with dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Next time you’re in need of some comfort, order a pizza and dig in.

Mac N Cheese

An all-time favorite among both kids and adults, the cheesy goodness takes many people back to their childhood. You can grab a box at the store, or create your own homemade version of this food.


Waffles and Pancakes

We love our breakfast, especially when it’s served all day long. The high carb breakfast foods waffles and pancakes are of course high on the list and even better when served with butter and sugary syrup.


This country seems to have a bacon obsession. We cover it in chocolate, we put it on top of cupcakes, we throw it into salads. According to Americans, bacon can really be eaten with anything.


Often referred to as the food for millennials and Californians, avocado tends to be thought of as more pretentious than the others listed above. It’s a very healthy fat and tastes wonderful in many forms.


Obviously, this one had to make the list. Hamburgers tend to come to mind when someone thinks of typical “American food”. There are plenty of fast food chains to get a burger, fries, and shake.

These are some of America’s favorite foods but there’s a multitude of different foods to try in The United States. You can break out of your comfort zone and try something new, or stick to the classics and have a pizza delivered right to your doorstep.