5 Tips to Choose the Right Caterer for Your Event

5 Tips to Choose the Right Caterer for Your Event

In every event you handle, the food that’s served will be an important factor that can make or break it. It might not seem like a huge deal, but mouthwatering dishes can sometimes salvage an event on the brink of failing. However, you can also lose major points if the food isn’t up to standards even though everything else is smooth sailing. That’s why choosing the best catering food service is the best idea to ensure you have a successful event.

Although convenience will be an important factor, going with only choosing a ‘get the catering near me’ attitude would only result in a disaster. There are other things you need to think about before picking a caterer for your event.


1. Fast Response & Genuine Interest in Your Event


Most caterers would tell you they serve scrumptious courses, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. But not all caterers would take the time to familiarize themselves with your event and its specific needs. There’s nothing entirely wrong with that, but if you want the best for your event, a great caterer would often ask questions about your theme and style so that they can serve you better.

One early indicator that the catering food service you’re talking to is worth taking on would be their quick response to inquiries, whether it be made through calls or email.


2. Ability to Handle Specific Events & Venue Familiarity


Although catering food services handle a broad variety of events, some companies handle specific events better than others. Some would thrive in small and intimate celebrations, and others work better for large, corporate gatherings. So, it’s a great idea to ask about the types of events they’re more comfortable working for to find the right fit for your own event.

It’s also good to have an idea of where your party’s going to happen, as most venues have their own set of rules. Finding a catering food service that has already done events in your location is a bonus since they already know the place’s do’s and don’ts.


3. Flexibility with Menus & Food Tasting


All caterers have a standard catering menu in place so it’s easy for you to gauge the food they’ll most likely serve you. But there are cases where your party has a certain theme or the guests will be attending adhere to a certain diet (like vegan or something specific for kids). A great caterer will be open to negotiations and can change their catering menu to fit your needs specifically.

Plus, you can also book an appointment for a sample tasting. Just be open to additional fees. This is a good idea since you can judge the food first hand and you can see if the caterer will make an extra effort to plate the food excellently.


4. Complete Explanation of Contract and Cancellation


This is a very important tip, and you need to make sure that when talking with the caterer, they will fully explain the contract to you (what are included, what might need additional fees, and what they do not cover). Even simple things like setup, cleaning, and what to do with leftovers are topics you need to discuss.

Although reputable caterers would rarely cancel out on bookings, make sure that there’s a clause in the contract specifically for this. Ask for a refund and a referral to other caterers so you won’t be panicking if they cancel out a few hours before your event.


5. Credentials of Chef and Kitchen Staff


Lastly, check out their chef’s credentials. Even if the catering food service you want to get doles out an amazing service, the experience would be spoiled if the food isn’t up to par. Knowing the kitchen staff’s skills would assure you that the food you’ll be serving will be memorable and excellent.