21 Ways to Enjoy a Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular food in the world. An apparent indication of this is the countless of pizza places found just almost anywhere in the world. Getting your hands on some is just as easy as searching up ‘pizza place near me’; and given its high demands, most pizza places also offer pizza deals of their own, which gives a whole lot of more to your pizza experience for cheaper prices.

But what makes this treat so popular is that it tastes so good despite its simple recipe. Given the simplicity of its recipe, so many variations emerged from culture to culture; another evident display of love for this delight—each vying its way as the best pizza recipe man’s taste buds has dawned upon. So, if you’re tired of the same old types of pizza recipes on the menu; here are 21 more exciting ways of enjoying this heavenly gift to mankind for any occasions demanding the best pizza recipe out there:


 1. Zucchini Pizza Boats

If you want to enjoy the scrumptious delight of a pizza without messing up your diet; then this is the best pizza recipe for you. Zucchini Pizza Boats are a healthy variation of the classic pizza recipe; one that is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

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2. Mushroom Pizza Bites

This pizza recipe makes use of mushrooms as crusts; making a gluten-free pizza; which can promote your digestive health and improves your cholesterol level. You can add your own toppings according to your taste; or search up ‘pizza place near me’ for the best pizza deals near you.


3. Pizza Fries

A combination of two of the most loved foods in the world—the pizza fries is a dream come true for food enthusiasts out there. This treat has a very simple recipe for a food that offers so much flavor melting in your mouth; just the blast you’d expect from having two great things in one. Get your own now from the best pizza deals near you! Look up ‘pizza place near me’ for the best pizza places to get them from near you.


4. Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas

A variation, or shall we say, a miniaturization of the famous Chicago-style deep-dish pizza; this recipe is a much easier and quicker way of enjoying a deep-dish pizza all for yourself! You can even customize each serving as you like. Try them now by looking up ‘pizza place near me’, and gawk at the best pizza deals available near you.


5. Pepperoni Pizza Braid

Want as much flavor as you can get with each bite? Then this pizza recipe is the best pizza variation for you! This particular recipe is made easily by slicing a pizza dough to strips and folding them over the fillings in the center; creating its braid-like appearance; also making just the right adornment for your social media feed. Look up the best pizza deals on this one, too, by simple searching ‘pizza place near me’.


6. Deep Dish Skillet Pizza

Another variation of the famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza; this homemade treat is easily prepared using a cast-iron skillet and a combination of basic ingredients. If you’re all about the crispy crust of the classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in the comfort of your home, then this is the best pizza recipe for you. You can also look up the best pizza deals in town for an extraordinary deep-dish experience!


7. Pizza Balls

This might just be the perfect movie-marathon snack for you! This pizza recipe is made with biscuit dough and your chosen fillings; sprinkled with parmesan and baked at approximately 20 minutes. Call up your friends now to enjoy this treat together!


8. Pizza Rolls

This recipe might rival Pizza Balls as the perfect party or movie night snack. Pizza Rolls are made by stuffing in mozzarella, and parmesan cheese with pepperoni or the topping of your choice in a beautifully garnished roll baked for at least 10 minutes. Your friends will surely look forward to your next movie night together when you have the best pizza snack to offer. Your local pizza place might be offering the best pizza deals on this one, too!


9. Hot Pizza Dip

Here’s an easy appetizer recipe for pizza lovers out there. The Hot Pizza Dip is prepared by mixing cream cheese and herbs of your choice into a bowl, baked and sprinkled with more cheesed (Because why not?) and your choice of toppings.

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10. Twisted Pizza Breadsticks

Here’s more snack ideas for your party or get-together. Entertain your guests with this pizza twist, literally! This recipe takes stuffing of fillings up a notch by having the dough twisted upon getting filled with shredded mozzarella, mini pepperonis and pizza sauce. The perfect finger-food for your next hangout with friends! You can look up the hottest pizza deals in town for bigger events, too.


11. Pizza Quesadillas

This treat puts a twist in the word classic. The Pizza Quesadilla is made by stuffing in classic pizza ingredients in buttered tortillas. Get yours now by looking up ‘pizza place near me’, and get the best pizza deals for you and your friends!


12. Double Cheese White Pizza Quinoa Bake

This recipe offers all the flavors of the classic pizza – with the twist of nutty quinoa in an overload of white cheese that’s creamy to heaven! Don’t worry about left-overs, as this pizza recipe is as good as it was made even upon reheating.


13. Pizza Swirl Bread

Tired of the classic comfort of a round pizza? Twist up your recipe in a bread roll! Go for a loaf-shaped pizza delight with extra cheese fillings to impress your guests on your next dinner. Prepare your own, or look up ‘pizza place near me’ for the best pizza deals in town.


14. Pizza Hummus

This takes up the word “variation” in this best pizza recipes list. Enjoy the classic taste of a pizza slice in a hummus. Partner up your pizza hummus with a good old bread or as your next regular salad dressing!


15. Paleo Pizza Salad

Speaking of salads, here’s a pizza recipe to surely impress your fellow healthy-eating friends. Spice up the weekend with your friends with this flavorful way of enjoying pizza with the health benefits of a salad!


16. One Pot Pizza Pasta Bake

Got a sudden call for a dinner at your house from your friend? No worries. Whoop up this pizza recipe for dinner in at least 15 minutes! Enjoy the taste of pizza along with your ever-beloved baked rotini pasta recipe right in the comfort of your home. If you aren’t confident enough with your cooking, you can look up ‘pizza place near me’ for the best pizza deals for your dinner, quick!


17. Pizza Soup

Who would imagine having their pizza served as a soup? Believe it or not, you can enjoy your pizza just as good as it is in this soup recipe. Couple it up with a cheesy toast for more taste action!


18. Pizza Frittata 

What a great way to taste a good morning, indeed! Twist up that omelet recipe with the best pizza recipe for brunch. Pizza Frittata is basically a taste of pizza in an omelet, baked easy and quick in the comfort of your home.


19. Pizza Risotto

This recipe is made special for kids (That may include you) of all ages! Get them to eat that nutritious risotto by spicing it up a bit with a taste of pizza. The recipe still include the basic ingredients of the classic risotto, added with pizza cheese, mushroom, red capsicum, tomatoes and ham.


20. Crustless Pepperoni Pizza

Get the big carbs out of your diet and still enjoy the classic taste of a pizza! This recipe is prepared in a non-stick skillet, layered with shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheese and topped with herbs of your choice. Get the best pizza deals on this one by simply looking up ‘pizza place near me’.


21. Pizza Calzone

Saving on of the best for last comes the Calzone. Also known as the folded pizza, this recipe is the best pizza for you if you’re one to enjoy pizza right on the go. Stuff yours with extra cheese and toppings and don’t forget to share! Get yours now with the best pizza deals near you.

Have you checked the list for the best pizza recipes to try out? Search for ‘pizza place near me’ now to start your pizza adventure!